Seeing God in the Holy Mundane

holy-mundaneA few days ago I spent the morning playing squash with three close friends – two Hungarians and a teammate. If you’ve never played, it’s like tennis for introverts played directly facing the wall. Out of our group, only one actually knew how to play, and he took the opportunity to coach us in a very serious manner. I needed the most coaching, due to my random dance interludes on the court. On the way back to our respective workplaces, all four of us squeezed into bus seats facing one another. I don’t remember what we talked about, but the feeling of being close to one another was more than just tight bus seats. I went to lunch with my Hungarian friends to a little buffet eatery near our destination. We sat eating our lunches, sometimes talking and sometimes sitting in silence. I tried to tell a joke that my dad texted me earlier, but it fell flat. It was a moment for me of breathing deep and sensing God’s delight in us as His creations, as His beloved. The three of us around the table couldn’t be more different, but we were each uniquely crafted bearing the image of God. Life in Hungary consists of many moments like this, feeling God’s presence in a squished bus seat or over a silent lunch. It’s in the holy mundane where I see God move these days.

— Posted by Betsy